Now with MIDI input - EventSoundControl 5.0 is out

Today we released version 5 of EventSoundControl and it includes MIDI input for remote controlling. It's a big step because with MIDI a long wished feature could get included. You now can select a MIDI input in the preferences and use your MIDI hardware to control the most common features. At mac or linux systems also a virtual input port is available. You can fire sounds from the button player or control the list player with simple note-on MIDI commands. Use the editor in the button player or the context menus of controls in other modules to select the midi trigger.

Also from this release it is possible to use hotkeys with modifier keys like alt, cmd and shift. For controlling EventSoundControl with the keyboard it is surely the best way to use simple hotkeys without modifiers but if you use EventGhost, Autohotkey or the great Elgato Stream Deck hardware you can avoid problems with other software if you use hotkey combinations.

You may discover that the former "jingle player" now is called the "button player". You now can create buttons without audio loaded to use them for controlling other things like playing audio. You can set "actions" at a new tab in the editor. More user definable actions like controlling the list player from a button or send OSC or MIDI commands will follow soon.

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