Installation and first start on Linux

Check if your system will run EventSoundControl and download the installation package

Because EventSoundControl is distributed as a deb package file it should be easy to install it on a Debian based system like Ubuntu, Mint and others. If you have a Linux distribution that does not fit, please contacts us. The Software will run on almost any current Linux but in some cases we will need to send you another package format for it to run.
First of course you have to download the package from our website and save it to a convenient location at your system. After this is done you can install the package in one of the following ways. Unfortunately not all distributions work the same.

Systems default software installation app

In some cases (as Ubuntu) you can use the default software installer of the distribution. To do so you should double click the file in the file manager. The default software installer should open and you have to choose a button like "Install Package" to install it.
After this is done you should reach the EventSoundControl starter from within your desktop environment in the default way.

GDebi package installer

GDebi will work perfectly to install our package. GDebi is the default package installer in Mint. On other systems you have to install GDebi prior to EventSoundControl. This can be done by systems default package manager or from a terminal window with "apt-get install gdebi". Once done you should open EventSoundControls package file with GDebi by right clicking the file and choosing "Open With Other Application" from the context menu.
Now you can click "Install Package" and in some seconds it should be done.

Manual installation from terminal

On all systems that fit the needs you should be able to install EventSoundControl manually from a terminal window.
Open a terminal window, change to the directory containing the downloaded package ("cd ~/Downloads") and install with the deb command "dpkg -i EventSoundControl_X.X.X_amd64.deb".

The first start

After successful installation you should be able to find EventSoundControl in the Audio/Video section of the application menu of your distribution. Click the starter and the software will open with a sample eventset loaded.

Supported distributions

EventSoundControl should work on any recent linux distributions. It is only available as 64 bit applicaion. We have tested it with several platforms so we can give some hints:

Debian GNU/Linux

linux Mint